Calm Luxury Modal and Cashmere Square Scarf



Calm Luxury Modal and Cashmere Square Scarf


Our Calm luxury Cashmere and Model scarf continues our bold and striking style, with the main motif being an oversized pink rose.

A pink rose is a well-known symbol of love, gratitude and respect – a message that we wish to share through our work.

This scarf is part of our Secret Garden collection, which follows in an ancient tradition of including hidden messages in the design through the use of motifs such as flowers and colours. Inspired by a growing sense of unease about the rise of divisions between people and communities, we want to make a statement of inclusivity, love, warmth, and female emancipation through these designs.

90 x 90cm

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This luxury scarf is digitally printed and hand finished in the UK using a Modal and Cashmere blend. The fabric is warm, soft and light, making it extremely comfortable to wear all day at any time of year. The scarves are vibrant with colour and have a gorgeous drape and sheen. The perfect versatile accessory. Dry clean only. 90 x 90cm.

Dimensions90 × 90 cm


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